Monday, September 18, 2006

Donuts for Doctors?

Stop and think about this one...

What happens if your doctor is given gifts by the drug companies... consider...
is his or her treatment of you unbiased? Is it unbiased anyway, what with HMO's and who's got insurance and who doesn't dictating which treatment you will be put on or will be recommended.

Here's a wee quote:
"The policy also prohibits the doctors from accepting free drug samples and publishing articles in science journals that were ghostwritten by corporate authors."

Think about that one. Really, think about that.
And keep asking questions. Be informed. And take responsibility for your own health and treatment. You are in control of what happens to your body. Make sure you know the options and the implications. [if you are in dire circumstances, you have to take dire actions... if you're not in dire circumstances, don't be a guinea pig for medical science].

MEDICAL ETHICS: Stanford bans all gifts from drug companies

Wait to go, Stanford!

check out Dangerous Medicine and remember what your grandma used to say "You are what you eat". It's worth the effort and energy to eat well.


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