Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Red Meat May No Longer Be Fresh With New Treatment - News -

Red Meat May No Longer Be Fresh With New Treatment - News -

The FDA has recently approved the use of carbon monoxide for giving red meat the appearance of being fresher, for longer. What does this mean? No more discounted meat... (this has been happening since 2002)

That's a bit confusing...

FDA approval does not necessarily mean products are safe for consumers. It may just mean that someone on the board of the FDA has financial friend in the chemical company or pharmaceutacal company that has just been approved.

However, the carbon monoxide as an addative is somewhat disturbing. But old meat is not, not really very disturbing.

If beef is aged to prime, it has been hung at warmer than refrigeration temperatures for 28 days. Grade A is - I think 14 days. So if it comes from Safeway after being aged only 5 or 6 days and sits in my refridgerator for a week, it is still not as old as it would be for Grade A and certainly not for prime. I think the biggest issue here is the consumers are so many generations away from the farmer ancestor that they don't know what real food looks like or tastes like. We've been conditioned by the corporation to think our meat has to be red to be fresh. So they make it red with additives, just like we think our apples need to be shiny so they put them in wax just for us. And our oranges need to be bright orange, so they shoot them with a syringe of orange dye. We like it that way.

If consumers knew what real food was supposed to look like, they might not want to eat it, but they would change their minds when they got hungry.

Red Meat May No Longer Be Fresh With New Treatment - News -

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ABC News: Actress Describes Mercury Poisoning Ordeal

Actress Daphne Zuniga suffered mercury toxicity from consuming an average of 4 servings of fish weekly.

She is currently not consuming fish. Here's the story.
ABC News: Actress Describes Mercury Poisoning Ordeal

Apparently the Mercury in the enviroment is not going to go away any time soon, and it is a growing health issue. The best defence is supporting your body's health and it's ability to detox. You need to supplement with the right stuff to do that.

Here's one product that can make such approved claims:

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The immune system’s job is to recognize and eliminate foreign particles and maintain balance in every part of the body. The really amazing thing is, if the body has the right nourishment, that’s exactly what the immune system does.

A strong immune system removes toxins and damaged cellular material.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Patients' own stem cells may treat lupus

Patients' own stem cells may treat lupus

Scientists are discovering that stem cells can help severe lupus, but their solution involves killing your immune system with chemotherapy and then returning your own stem cells to the bone marrow to regenerate a healthier immune system.
Why not stimulate your body to produce it's own new stem cells and rebuild it's own immune system through nutritional supplementation? Read this article and form your own opinion Glyconutrients and Stem Cells