Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Playing with pain: Three-year-old struggles to lead normal life with arthritis

A three year old girl suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis uses micronutrients called 'glyconutrients' to manage the disease with positive results.

The Daily News Journal - www.dnj.com -

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Alkaline and Acidifying Food Lists

A great list to follow if you've got gout.
(folks with gout should stick to mostly ALKALIZING FOODS.

The Wolfe Clinic - Acid & Alkaline Food Chart

Friday, May 19, 2006

NEWS Report: Vioxx risk seen with short-term use

Doesn't it seem that every time you read a newspaper or turn on the news there is more information about a drug that has been proven not just toxic, but absolutely dangerous? And another drug company that has bent the truth in it's reports to the authorities about the safety and efficacy of it's formulation.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12849536Report: Vioxx risk seen with short-term use Data showed all patients who took painkiller faced increased heart risk

Isn't it disheartening to put your faith and trust in a health care system that is being exposed like this time and again? Unfortunately it may sometimes be necessary to pop a pill for an ill when it has gone out of control.

The health care industry should be renamed the "sickness care" industry - because you only go when you are sick. (or rather, when your symptoms are serious enough to notice.)

Take care of your body - you only get one. - your body is made to restore, rebuild and repair itself with food. With natural substances.

Not so many years ago, the average person spent 50% of their income on food. Now our food is very inexpensive compared to that! But we should reasonably make sure that we are eating as best as we can, and with all of the nutrients that we need.

Its worth the time and trouble and money to supplement and research good supplements. Why? Because if your body breaks down, you can't turn exchange it for another one!


Autism parents allege CDC cover-up

Autism parent's groups has attacked the Center for Disease Control for conspiring to cover up a known link between the increase in mercury in vaccines, and the 6,000% increase in autism.

"The autism groups sponsored a full-page ad in today’s USA Today that reads, “If you caused a 6,000% increase in autism, wouldn’t you try to cover it up, too?” The ad alleges that the CDC “knows that the ambitious immunization schedule begun in the 1990s, nearly tripling the amount of mercury injected into our children, created an epidemic of autism in America.”"

Read the whole article here:

www.glycostory.com/glycowire and go here to hear more about an advanced technology that has helped other children with autism.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Disney Loses Its Appetite for Happy Meal Tie-Ins

Mcdonald's, the fast food giant is the worlds largest toy perveyor, which makes it a perfect relationship for promotion of family movies through collectables in Happy Meals. But no more. Disney has concerns over the growing obesity problem with children so it has not renewed it's contract with Mcdonald's.

It is estimated that the relationship gave Disney additional revenue of more than $1 billion. Will Mcdonald's suffer from this move? Not likely as much as Disney will - many other production houses are lining up to take their place.

Read the whole story here:

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

FDA representative blatantly opposes "optimal health" for world population, strongly resists banning junk food advertising to children

olks in Canada aren't immune to the ridiculous opposition of the FDA towards nutrition and supplementation in spite of the support of the World Health Organization. (WHO)

The WHO has been behind a strategy to reduce designed to "reduce the global burden of the non communicable diseases of under nutrition. These conditions account for 59% of the global burden of preventable disease include cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and other serious and life threatening conditions."

Bodies in Canada and the US are in opposition to improving health through nutrition and instead defend advertising junk food to children.

Read the whole article here:

FDA representative blatantly and openly opposes "optimal health" for world population, strongly resists banning junk food advertising to children under Codex

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Small changes "add years to life"

Common sense.... eating better, stopping smoking, and exercising more can add years to your life expectancy. Have you had your ten servings of fruits and vegetables today? If you are like most of us the answer is no. So supplements may be the answer for you. Go to glycowire.com to learn about revolutionary supplements that are changing lives.