Monday, August 28, 2006

FDA reports - Drug Complaints at an all time high (March 2005)

A report in March 2005 USA Today showed that Drug Complaints Reach a Record High. The FDA was blaming increased prescription use. Pharmaceutacals are a huge industry, folks.

Reporting of drug reactions are voluntary, so do you think that the numbers of reactions and drug issues reported might be a wee bit low? (or a LOT?)

I doubt we were put on this earth without all of the nutritional tools to stay healthy and to promote healing. Do you think that we lack drugs in our diets? Or do we lack nutrients? The body takes food, breaks it down into its various building blocks through the digestion process. Those building blocks are used by the body and its organs and systems to restore, maintain, and build proper structures and to function. One of our proper functions of our body is healing. Notice how your body is able to heal from a cut or a burn - all by itself. It can do much more, all by itself.

If your body couldn't heal from cancer, than people with immune system problem wouldn't die of cancer and infections.

Drugs are *sometimes* necessary when your body has done without proper nutrition for a long period of time.

The bad news is that our toxic food, our poor farming practises and our stressful lifestyle means that our bodies don't get all of the nutrition they need. The good news is that you can supplement to get those missing nutrients. The advantage of supplements is that you can play a game of "catch up" because supplements eliminate a great deal of the water and fibre from foods which takes up a lot of volume. Plus supplements are less expensive and less time consuming than sourcing all of those nutrients from foods and preparing them.

More bad news though - which supplements are the best? More good news. I happen to know.


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