Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beer really good for you, may help prevent cancer

Beer really good for you, may help prevent cancer

Who knew? A few dark beers might actually be good for you. Maybe my friend "Norm" (no not the Cheers guy) will be telling me he drinks beer for medicinal reasons. Anti cancer and anti heart disease hmmmm, pour me a pint of that Guiness.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Psychology Today: Nutrition: How Sweet It Is

"Nutrition: How Sweet it Is"


"Nutrition: How Sweet it Is"

It states:

"sugar is now being hailed as a healing substance at the forefront of a revolutionary science called glyconutrition"

"Glyconutrients also play key roles in stressed states. Over activation of the stress response is now thought to be the primary mechanism of depression."


"until we better understand how to heal ourselves with what we choose to eat, these so-called 'sweet medicines' can be found in powdery nutritional supplements, derived from plant substances. But your best bet, as always, is to eat a variety of unprocessed foods".

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Urban Legends Reference Pages: Food (The Big Sleep)

Turkey does not make one drowsy. I had heard this urban legend about chicken.

The apparent offending ingredient, tryptohan, is a natural sedative - however - it doesn't act as a sedative when there is protein present and unless it is taken isolated on an empty stomache.

If you have problems staying awake after a meal, cut down on your carbs and make sure you are taking your enzymes before you eat.

Turkey makes you sleep; myth

Thursday, November 17, 2005

BBC NEWS | Health | Sugar 'may help in cancer fight'

BBC News: Sugar 'may help in cancer fight'

The sugar works by stopping blood vessels forming

Natural sugars could hold the key to fighting cancer, a study says.

An Association for International Cancer Research team found a complex natural sugar from the glucose family can block the growth of tumours in tests on mice.

The sugar molecules work by inhibiting hormones tumours send out to make blood vessel grow, which tumours need if they are to thrive.

Cancer experts believe a sugar-based treatment could be used to halt tumour growth before it becomes dangerous.

The technique uses a complex natural sugar called heparin, the Clinical Cancer Research journal reported.

During the tests on mice, the sugar molecules were divided and purified before being injected into the mice.

Dr Jayson's research is exciting because it shows for the first time in mice that complex sugars can block the development of blood vessels by jamming these signals

Kat Arney, of Cancer Research UK

While it is only effective if the cancer is diagnosed early because it does not reduce the size of tumour, researchers said the technique may prove to be an effective treatment when combined with other cancer therapies.

Dr Mark Matfield, scientific consultant of AICR, said: "If someone has cancer, it has often spread so what you may find is that this treatment could be used once the initial tumour has been removed.

"It could be used to stop the cancer cells developing when they have spread. But we will have to see how it develops in future trials."

Lead researcher Professor Gordon Jayson, based at Manchester's Christie's Hospital, said clinical trials could start in the next two years.

Dr Kat Arney, science information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: "Cancers depend on a supply of oxygen and nutrients, and they trick the body into growing new blood vessels by sending out chemical signals.

"Dr Jayson's research is exciting because it shows for the first time in mice that complex sugars can block the development of blood vessels by jamming these signals.

"Because adults don't normally need to grow new blood vessels, this discovery could lead to a highly specific and effective treatment for many types of cancer.

"However, this research is still at an early stage and it will be essential to develop these sugars further and test their actions in patients."

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bone marrow cells improve heart after attack-study

Bone marrow cells improve heart after attack-study"Heart attack survivors whose hearts were infused with stem cells from their own bone marrow showed nearly twice the improvement in the organ's pumping ability as patients given a placebo"

U.K. Hospital Urges Patient to Seek Tests After Shaking Off HIV

U.K. Hospital Urges Patient to Seek Tests After Shaking Off HIV
``I feel truly special and lucky,'' Stimpson said in the News of the World interview. ``I have no idea how I got rid of the virus. I was just taking daily SUPPLEMENTS to keep myself as healthy as possible.''

Friday, November 11, 2005

Simple test may show signature brain damage of fetal alcohol syndrome: study

Simple test may show signature brain damage of fetal alcohol syndrome: study - Yahoo! News
A simple eye test may help to accurately diagnose Fetal Alcohol syndrome.

Herbinator: Hidden agendas

I wrote this letter to the editor in response to the Calgary Herald's feature on the war on cancer. This local blogger picked it up and made a few comments on my letter, saying it was some good news to hear my views. Thanks, Herbinator

Re: "Canada's war on cancer," Oct 30.

You covered only the medical industry's answers to cancer through poison, cut-and-burn techniques. The pharmaceutical establishment's answer to every illness through our sickness care system is to treat the symptom and not the cause. In fact, the prognosis is generally only articulated after the treatment starts because then they have a better idea of how long it will take for the average patient to die as a result of poison, cut and burn.

Pharmacology is a lucrative industry, and has more to gain by ensuring they don't find cures. Your bleak picture supports corporations and shareholders by settling for a discussion on pain management drugs. Essentially, you encourage everyone to face certain death and simply manage the pain.

People participate in droves in the latest walk or run for the cure. Untold millions are raised annually, providing research money for pharmaceutical companies to create more expensive drugs with no results. More lucrative research, more money for the researchers, and no answers, except better pain management?

You failed to highlight alternative therapies where many find answers. Cancer need not be a death sentence. Our bodies make cancer cells every day, and our immune systems destroy them. Paint instead a picture of hope, where people win that war by strengthening their bodies' ability to do the job they were designed to do.

Adele Sanoy, Calgary

Subsequently an offended doctor from the Tom Baker Clinic responded to the article focusing her discussion on the care and hard work of her and her colleagues. Not my point. I am not negating her sincerity or efforts. I wish she would read my letter again.

As long as she continues to be sick of the conspiracy and the controversy over this, she will refuse to look at the facts.