Monday, January 26, 2004

We hosted a Robbie Burns dinner last night. I found the menu on the following page. The reason we decided to have a dinner, was a haggis given to us by Gordon Sinclair, famous Calgary haggis hurler. I'd never eaten haggis before, but his was delicious, a little like sausage mixed with oatmeal.
Robert Burns Tribute - Burns Supper, Haggis, Poems and more
I made cock a leekie soup, neeps, tatties and tipsie laird, and of course the haggis from Gordon's Fine Meats. Our friend who lived in Scotland for a couple of years came, and he had never been to such a dinner while living in Aberdeen and wondered why people had such dinners. Here you can read all about Robbie Burns.
Home of the World Burns Club

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

It'a David vs. Goliath. Bill vs. the 17 year old web page designer. If you haven't heard about it yet, read the story on Mike Rowe's website. He is 17 year old web page designer who created his tongue in cheek named web site called, only to have Microsoft's lawyers tell him to cease and desist. The public outcry has been tremendous.
MikeRoweSoft Design

Thursday, January 15, 2004

HGH is dangerous!

Hormones aren't just for girls and women... boys have them too. In our toxic, undernourished environment, everyone needs to support their body's hormonal system nutrionally. Yes you are likely undernourished. Weight problems can even be a sign of undernourishment. If you had the right nutrition and enough of it, your body would not be craving anything else when you are not hungry. (this craving often gets misinterpreted as "hunger").

The best way to support your body's hormonal systems is nutritionally. Taking hormones is an extremely risky process. Consider adrenaline - your body only produces about 2 teaspoons of this hormone in an entire lifetime. They are very powerful substances.

Wouldn't it be better to give your body the nutrients required to manufacture as much of the hormone that it needs? Of course it would. Your body knows what to do and how, given the right tools, to manufacture the correct amount of those complex substances, regardless of your age or gender.

Children's bodies need hormones too, but you CAN NOT give them hormones. There's enough of a problem with that in meat purchased at supermarkets where hormones are used in the production of the livestock to increase growth and weight for quicker and a more lucrative - shall we say - harvest.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Where does mad cow disease come from? THEY say it comes from eating contaminated feed. A cattle farmer named Mark Purdy in England has come up with an alternate theory that seems to bear more fruit than the contaminated feed theory. Here are a series of articles that dispute the feed theory. In this article from Alberta Beef Magazine it states that government scientists have been unable to pass on BSE thru contaminated feed.
Alberta Beef Magazine -

The Ecologist (interesting how Icelandic farmers eat their scrapie infected sheep, brains and all and have not developed vCJD)
Ad for Mark Purdy's video(a connection between organophosphate insecticide and BSE in Britain?)
Mark Purdey's website

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Vegetable Compound May Cure Cancer

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (UPI) -- A daily dose of broccoli, cabbage, turnips and mustard greens can keep most cancers away, but Texas researchers are also using them to cure cancer.

"We took advantage of a natural chemical that research has shown will prevent cancer, and developed several more analogs," said Dr. Steve Safe. "One of the best parts is that this treatment appears to have minimal or no side effects, in the mice trials; it just stops tumor growth." "It looks promising in cancer cells and animals at this time," he said.

The above is from ArcaMax, Inc. © 2004

Fruit and vegetables have been long known to help in cancer treatment and prevention. The biggest issue is that in order to be in the low rish group for cancer you must consume 9-12 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. That's next to impossible to do, considering that the best fruits and vegetables containing the most phytonutrient compounds are fresh, raw and vine ripened. Most of our consumption is processed, cooked, picked green and contains little to none of the necessary phytonutrients, even if we did the monumentous feat of coming near 9-12 servings per day.

Phytaloe - fruit and vegetable complex.

However, currently the Ambrotose AO, or antioxident formula is proving to be even more effective in assisting your body's host defence system to combat cancer.
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