Monday, October 31, 2005

Study Indicates Nutritional Deficiencies Lead to Aggression & Violence in Children


The American Journal of Psychiatry has published a new study connecting nutrient deficiencies to aggressive behavior in children.

Children who suffered deficiencies of zinc, iron, B vitamins and protein demonstrated a surprising 41% increase in aggression at age eight, and by age 17, they demonstrated a 51% increase in violent and antisocial behaviors. The study noted that 80% of the U.S. population now has deficiencies in one or more of these nutrients, due in major part to increasing consumption of junk foods and beverages.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Davis Gives FDA Deadline for Steroid Explanation

FDA given Deadline for Steroid Explanation

"While the FDA does not approve dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness, FDA still has the responsibility to ensure that manufacturers do not mislead the consumer about dietary supplement contents," Davis wrote in the letter. "With the five dietary supplements tested in the previously mentioned Washington Post article, consumers could not know that they contained anabolic steroids."

Many folks are under the misconception that dietary supplements need to be FDA approved. They are not a regulating body for that.

Their ownly responsibility, currently, (with respect to supplements) is to ensure that supplement labels are not misleading. (as quoted above)

That's it.

But the other situation is the issue of 'what's in this supplement'. Of course they know. Why are they dragging their heels on this? Once again, the FDA is another agency that is multi-faceted and has multiple goals, and one of them is not likey your best interests. Else they would have never approved toxic aspartame.

But don't blame them, take responsibility for your health, and yourself. What you injest is largely your own personal responsibility. There are some things you would not know - ie: "What chemicals were used on this vegetable?" Even if you do eat organically, there are still things that spray over from the neighbor's field, the toxic groundwater, the generally poluted soil.

There is a supplement for enhacing sports performance that DOES NOT have any banned substances that are on the International Olympic Committee's world anti-doping list. There are 500 substances on that list, and the International Olympic Committee standardizes for the most elite athletes of the world.

Many elite athletes are using these sport enhancement and sport recovery products:
Capsules for athletic recovery
Sport workout drink

There are a couple of other ones that really assist with sports performance and athletics, specifically for cardiovascular and for cellular communication. If you email me, I can send you additional information.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

OLPA - Hearings - 107th Congress First Session - Comprehensive Medical Care for Bioterrorism Exposure

Interesting panel in congressional hearings on the threat of bioterrorism and whether or not nutrition can help. A couple of interesting comments I would like to remember. There is a paragraph worth quoting here: (emphasis is mine)

"Dr. McDaniel said that Government officials do not like to consider unconventional therapies because the agencies will be blamed if they turn out to be dangerous. Dr. McDaniel also said that research is very expensive; thus, agencies are reluctant to support studies that may not be successful."

Did you catch that? "Research is expensive..." yeah, so... "agencies are reluctant to support studies that may not be successful". That sounds like research grant-giving agencies are afraid to give research grant moneys to studies that they think might fail. Does that make it true research? Not really. If every hypothesis put forward can't be tested then some things that might be a cure for a particular disease might not get any research dollars IF the agencies don't think it will work. So then the scientists presumably go back and rewrite the grant requests for research that will get their approval. They have to make a living too, afterall. The rule of acedamia has always been "Publish or perish."

So you spend your reputation and hours and hours of your time trying to raise funds for research to be done on - hrm, let's say a breast cancer cure. You knock on your family's door, your friends and neighbors', and the cubical wall of the guy who sits next to you in the cube farm. You ask him to donate to your walk for a cure of breast cancer. Each one does or doesn't, but some feel compelled, out of guilt or compassion, or peer pressure... to open their wallets. The breast cancer campaigns raise millions upon millions of dollars annually. The numbers are staggering. The money goes to pay for advertising for the event, promotion, t-shirts for the volunteers, tables for registering, administration staff who stay on all year long, and finally research. But someone up there, gets to pick from a pile of grants applications, who gets the dough to test their hypothesis. I can bet you its not the guy who says a naturally occuring molecule in a plant needs some attention. It's going to go to the one who already had a $300 lunch with a drug company executive, who is promising to put his name on the patent if he would just test this particular compound. Looks like rat poison, in fact it is... but if we can show a statistical significance of an improvement in a symptom or two of 30% of the women who are desperate enough to be a guinea pig for this particular phase... we're gonna sell a ton and drugs and make a ton of money. Don't think that they have your well being on their hearts and in their minds. They are thinking of the stocks and the market share.

Oh, but we're supposed to be talking about bioterrorism here.. I digress. The rest of that paragraph reads as follows:

"Dr. Gorbach indicated that he has received several NIH grants for other research that he is conducting. However, all of his probiotics grant applications have been rejected. He said that NIH review committees and study sections do not believe in this kind of research. Even if NIH puts out a request for applications in this area, applications will get rejected in study sections."

We can put a man on the moon, but we can't find a solution for cancer? That's more than a little fishy to me. And shark cartilige is NOT the answer, contrary to that book title, sharks DO get cancer.

The rest of that article is here, have a skim over it. And see what you think.

OLPA - Hearings - 107th Congress First Session - Comprehensive Medical Care for Bioterrorism Exposure: "McDaniel"

Why Supplement

You need to supplement. Our food is lacking in the nutrients that it had even just 20 years ago. Some illnesses that were rare and little understood when our grandparents were in their 20's are now epidemic. Some illnesses had not even been invented yet.

Why is that? A combination of things, I think... diet, lifestyle, toxins, exercise. No one component can stand on its own in providing us with good health. These days, health is an active pursuit, in our grandparents' days it was more of an passive result.

Do you need to supplement? I think so. Even our governments are finally admitting it. Don't wait until something dramatic happens. Start taking care of yourself, now. You can choose your future. Regardless of your age, and current condition, what you do today, from this day onward, can make a difference. There is hope for your health!

There is more great information along these lines on this article.

Why Supplement

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

WebMD with AOL Health - An Upside to Video Game Violence?

Video Games May Distract Patients From Pain

This is very interesting. The body was created to move, so be active. We were meant to gather our food, not sit at a terminal and trade time for money and money for food. Which is what we have now.

So I find this very interesting that we see an incorporation of movement and brain activity helps to manage pain. I'm completely against the violence, but the concept is great. Television watching uses less calories than sleeping, so it shuts us completely off, because we can just stare at the tube and let it take over our thought processes. In that sense, though it is a useful tool, it robs us of our involvement in life. Hey, you asked for my opinion...

Brain Gym also helps, have you heard of that? Do a quick web-search to find out.

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