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Breast cancer is BIG business - DRAFT

DRAFT - Breast cander is BIG business!
(c) 2005 - Adele Sanoy

Disclaimer! This article is solely the opinion of the author and is not to reflect upon the publisher in any way. There are some facts presented (referenced) but other than that, do not believe the author. Think and discover for yourself what you
It is the intention of the author to enlighten. The author believes that every issue, like a coin has 3 sides. An obvious "pro" and obvious "con" and the usually overlooked edge, the third side, that give the coin it's 3rd dimension, it's truth, and it's value.

"Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will
have to ram it down their throats."


Breast cancer is big business.


estimated revenue

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Cancer is the world's 2nd largest industry - Second to oil.

So that's the things that we know... what about the other industries trying to cash in? There are many many corporations that market products to support breast cancer research claiming that procedes for the sale of a particular item will go to the breast cancer foundation. What portion? You should ask before you make your purchase, unless it is an item that you want anyway, Purchase the item the same way that you would any other item that you wanted, that wasn't going to support anything. But if you want to know, or if you are only compelled to purchase to support the cause, then you'd best ask. What percentage of this item will be given to the breast cancer foundation?

I know of a recent event, that sported many vendors. Its a lively annual festival, which draws thousands of patrons to an outdoor street, and is growing in its size and attendance on an annual basis. One vendor advertised that they procedes of the sale of a particular item would go towards breast cancer research. The item's ticket value. $25. The contribution made of that price? $1. I hope not too many people purchased thinking that they were getting a cute little bear, in exchange for a nice donation to breast cancer research. I'm not sharing this to make you cyinical (that's my job), but to make you wise. If you are going to contribute, then ask. If you don't like what you hear, give your money directly to the agency, or though another company's purchase that is more honorable.


But lets also discuss the Breast cancer foundation itself. What exactly to they do with the money that is donated to them? What research studies do they contribute to (after the administrative fees are collected). I'm all for administrative fees. Someone should NOT work anywhere 8 hours a day, day in and day out without getting paid. Staff are expensive and deserve to get paid.

Of the fees that go directly to research, what are they researching? (I've probably bit off more than I can chew here)

I heard a very prominent and prolific researcher state recently (he's got his name on more patents and more a list of publications longer than I am tall in a font 4). He stated that researchers don't want to fail in their theories or what they set out to prove in their original premise. It reflects badly on them, and grant givers don't like to give grants to researchers who were not able to prove their claim. So it is rare that anything new and unknown gets tested. The researchers will keep pursuing grants (read: spending your hard earned dollars that you contributed) to prove theories that they already know based on previous research, that is correct. That way they can continue to collect additional grants, if they've had previous success.

What does this mean? New theories on what might "cure" cancer don't get researched with your contributed dollars.


Breast cancer was already cured in rats in the laboratory in 1971!

Did you get that? Read it again. Breast cancer was cured in rats in the laboratory in 1971.

That's hogwash, you say. If it was cured in 1971, I would already know about it. No its not hogwash, it was rats. And it was 34 years ago as of this writting.

Here is the reference note: Note that the article appeared in the medical Journal of Surgical Oncology.
-Wolfe et al. "The effect of L-fucose on rat mammary tumor growth. I. In vivo studies." J Surg Oncol 1971 3:73-77.

Cancer Studies:
Journal of Surgical Oncology vol 4 no 2
3(1);79-88 (1971)

The Effect of l-Fucose on Rat Mammary Tumor Growth. II. In Vitro Studies
By James M. Roseman...

Page 87 - Table III

Effects of Various Sugars on Tumor Cell Growth

L-fucose 46.3%
D-Mannos 36.4%
D-glucose 14.6%
D-Galactose 18.1%
(Fucose, Mannose, Glucose and Galactose are "glyconutrients" - see sidebar).

And NO you would NOT necessarily know about it. Why? Because it was with a naturally occuring substance, that could not be succesfully replicated synthetically. Drugs can only be made synthetically for 2 reasons. To be toxic enough to establish an LD50, and to be patentable.

LD 50

Patentable is about one thing. Money. Patents aren't necessarily bad, to protect the technology and reward the organization who developed it. But in the case of the Big Pharma it is so that they have a monopoly and can charge you $100 a pill fot something that only costs a few pennies to produce in the laboratory. Oh, note, that drugs actually do cost a lot to produce, a lot for all of the research that goes into their development. But wait? Didn't you donate money towards that research as well???? The water is getting murkier instead of more clear.

Problems happened in the process of synthesising this plant sourced substance. It was hugely toxic. The complex little molecule could not be manufactured synthetically. So why not publish the findings anyway, tell everyone where to find it and prevent the deaths of needless millions of women and men since 1971? You answer that one yourself.

But there is good news. The molecule was a fucose molecule. And you can purchase it in a nutritional supplement.

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EWG Report || BodyBurden 2 - The Pollution in Newborns

EWG Report || BodyBurden 2 - The Pollution in Newborns

".tested umbilical cord blood from 10 random newborn babies in the U.S. for industrial chemicals and pesticides, and found they were born with an average of over 200 contaminants."

Protect your baby. Make sure that you are getting quality supplements. You can't control all of the the toxins in the air you breathe, the water you drink, or the food you eat, but you can do something. You can supplement with quality supplements that help your body and your baby's body to protect, repair, detox, restore and defend itself.

view a video on how to protect yourself

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Mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile

West Nile has been found in Canada (Toronto and Saskatchewan)
Mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile

"The overall risk of becoming infected with WNV is low and most people bitten by an infected mosquito do not get sick. Some people are at higher risk, especially those over 55 years of age and persons with compromised immune systems due to illnesses such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease."
So instead of putting toxic chemicals on your skin, why not strengthen your immune system with dietary supplements. Glyconutrient supplements online

Circumcision Can Reduce AIDS Risk, Study Says

Like the title says, what is shocking is that the 63% decrease in risk is a far better level of protection than the 30 percent reduction risk set as a target for an AIDS vaccine.
Circumcision Can Reduce AIDS Risk, Study Says

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Study Will Test Stem Cell Therapy on Human Hearts

Study in pigs show bone marrow stem cells had helped restore heart function and repaired damaged heart muscle by 50 to 75 percent.

Study Will Test Stem Cell Therapy on Human Hearts

Read about how glyconutrients support production of adult stem cells in your own body. Glyconutrients and Stem Cells

Glycobiology: The New Category in Preventive Medicine and Nutrition

Glycobiology: The New Category in Preventive Medicine and Nutrition
by Victoria Arcadi, DC, DICCP

Finally, there is a category that truly will embrace preventative medicine, and especially chiropractic. This new category is called "glycobiology" or "glycoscience." This happens to be the most exciting new science that has ever hit medicine. The good news is that what we are dealing with are foods - foods that are nontoxic and are simply the building blocks of carbohydrates called monosaccharides or glyconutrients. They are nontoxic at any level, and I believe it to be real nutrition that goes inside the cell.

Countless papers are being written and published on this new science. These building blocks or glyconutrients (monosaccharides), of which there are eight essential monosaccharides, are responsible for the formation of glycoproteins, which attach to every cell wall and are responsible for cell-to-cell communication in the body. Without these glyconutrients or monosaccharides (single sugars or sugars), the cells in the body literally cannot talk to one another. You will then see conditions like autoimmune disease, which as we know, are the cells attacking the healthy cells of the body. Not to mention that the body cannot identify any invader cell, virus, infection, or for that matter, cancer cells, if these glyconutrients are not present in the glycoprotein structure.

More on the link above!

Dynamic Chiropractic
July 30, 2005, Volume 23, Issue 16

There is much more information on glyconutrients in this blog and on my web-site at