Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pharmaceutical television advertisements are a grand hoax

Pharmaceutical television advertisements are a grand hoax

Wow I couldn't have said it better. This article says "Pharmaceutical medicine has now become the single greatest danger to the health and safety of the American people, and the FDA has become the single most dangerous organization in North America, far outweighing the dangers of terrorism."
If you care about your health, read this article now.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Demise of Pfizer's cholesterol drug shows need for changes in drug development, experts say | CP

Demise of Pfizer's cholesterol drug shows need for changes in drug development, experts say | CP
Changes in drug development??? The average cost to develop a drug is 1.2 billion dollars. In 2005 drug companies spent 39.7 billion dollars and had 20 drugs approved. And what is the benefit?? In an attempt they say to streamline testing they are now picking candidates through genetic markers to save money. Or is that to skew their numbers??
Something doesn't smell right in big pharma.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cosmetics makers to list ingredients on packaging

Cosmetics makers to list ingredients on packaging
Here's a thumbs up to the Canadian Government. New regulations require listing of ingredients in things like makeup, perfume, skin cream, nail polish toothpaste, soap, shampoo and shaving cream.
Here is a hotlist of restricted ingredients, a list of ingredients that are used in Canada with their INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)
I strongly believe that people should know what they put on their skin, as it's the largest organ in the body and what is on your skin ends up inside your body. This will force manufacturers to remove known carcinogens from their products. You just might find also that that skin cream you use, really causes oxidative stress from the preservatives they use.
Personally, I am a label reader and have started using a skin cream that is water based and preservative free, based on a new technology. I want my skin to stay as young as possible for as long as possible, without adding more environmental stress to my body.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Xylitol (artificial sweener) Dangerous to dogs (and humans?)

Artificial sweeteners fatal to dogs... but not harmful to humans? Think about this one folks, and do some research.

Diabetics especially use artificial sweeteners, but the funny thing is, this report states that it causes insulin to spike. Does the same thing in humans... so before you indulge in a diet soda - think again.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Donuts for Doctors?

Stop and think about this one...

What happens if your doctor is given gifts by the drug companies... consider...
is his or her treatment of you unbiased? Is it unbiased anyway, what with HMO's and who's got insurance and who doesn't dictating which treatment you will be put on or will be recommended.

Here's a wee quote:
"The policy also prohibits the doctors from accepting free drug samples and publishing articles in science journals that were ghostwritten by corporate authors."

Think about that one. Really, think about that.
And keep asking questions. Be informed. And take responsibility for your own health and treatment. You are in control of what happens to your body. Make sure you know the options and the implications. [if you are in dire circumstances, you have to take dire actions... if you're not in dire circumstances, don't be a guinea pig for medical science].

MEDICAL ETHICS: Stanford bans all gifts from drug companies

Wait to go, Stanford!

check out Dangerous Medicine and remember what your grandma used to say "You are what you eat". It's worth the effort and energy to eat well.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Grounding of 9/11 flights delayed flu season: study

Here's something positive that came out of 9/11 flight grounding. It gave scientists data to show that flight travel increases the spread of flu, by the fact that flu season peaked 13 days later than normal in 2001/2 flu season, due to the grounding of flights. In France where they didn;t ground flights flu season peaked at it's normal time.
CBC News: Grounding of 9/11 flights delayed flu season: study

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Healthy Employees are Cheaper

It doesn't take rocket science to grasp that healthy employees will take less sick days. But did you also know that health employees also have less on the job accidents?

A 4 year study done at Xerox corp and published in 2001 showed that as health risks increased (smoking, inactivity, blood pressure, cholesterol and life disastisfaction) so too did work related injuries.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Study: Antidepressant drugs and adolescent suicide

A study was recently published in the Archives of General Psychiatry titled Antidepressant Drug Therapy and Suicide in Severely Depressed Children and Adults .

The results were as follows:

Results In adults (aged 19-64 years), antidepressant drug treatment was not significantly associated with suicide attempts or suicide deaths. However, in children and adolescents (aged 6-18 years), antidepressant drug treatment was significantly associated with suicide attempts and suicide deaths.

Again that's bad news.

And once again, the good news is that eating properly helps one to feel better, you've expereinced that, haven't you?

Let me tell you a story. Very often, when I am travelling, I end up eating junk food or from a normally junk food/fast food restaurant. Even their seemingly good food is mass produced, hydroponically grown and lacks nutrients.

Well when I travel, I ofen feel fatigued and generally lack a sense of well being especially right after I eat.

Recently we were on a road trip to Portland Oregon and we were able to eat at a small independantly owned and operated wrap place where everything was fresh. What a difference that made in how I felt, even for a few hours afterwards.

We tried to time our return trip around a meal at the same town on the road, but that didn't work out. So it was fast food and feeling sluggish again.

Haven't you noticed the same thing?

Yet even though you eat perfectly well, the food we have available to us still lacks nutrients. I know of one company that produces a supplement made from organic vegetables, and they are sourcing some of their organic foods from Europe because the North American organic produce available to them is simply too toxic and too un-nutritious.

FDA reports - Drug Complaints at an all time high (March 2005)

A report in March 2005 USA Today showed that Drug Complaints Reach a Record High. The FDA was blaming increased prescription use. Pharmaceutacals are a huge industry, folks.

Reporting of drug reactions are voluntary, so do you think that the numbers of reactions and drug issues reported might be a wee bit low? (or a LOT?)

I doubt we were put on this earth without all of the nutritional tools to stay healthy and to promote healing. Do you think that we lack drugs in our diets? Or do we lack nutrients? The body takes food, breaks it down into its various building blocks through the digestion process. Those building blocks are used by the body and its organs and systems to restore, maintain, and build proper structures and to function. One of our proper functions of our body is healing. Notice how your body is able to heal from a cut or a burn - all by itself. It can do much more, all by itself.

If your body couldn't heal from cancer, than people with immune system problem wouldn't die of cancer and infections.

Drugs are *sometimes* necessary when your body has done without proper nutrition for a long period of time.

The bad news is that our toxic food, our poor farming practises and our stressful lifestyle means that our bodies don't get all of the nutrition they need. The good news is that you can supplement to get those missing nutrients. The advantage of supplements is that you can play a game of "catch up" because supplements eliminate a great deal of the water and fibre from foods which takes up a lot of volume. Plus supplements are less expensive and less time consuming than sourcing all of those nutrients from foods and preparing them.

More bad news though - which supplements are the best? More good news. I happen to know.

Monday, August 21, 2006

How the NHS places a value on life

The National Health Service in England has put a value of $60,000 (30,000 pounds) a year on life. This is the value for an added year of life provided by a treatment. Many of the new treatments cost much more than this or only extend life for less than a year on average. So they have decided not to fund these treatments. Think about how many supplements or alternative treatments you could have in a year at this cost. Changes your perspective about being too expensive doesn't it.
How the NHS places a value on life